Character-Development Worksheet

Get to Know Your CharactersWhether in fiction or narrative non-fiction, complex and nuanced characters make your story more interesting.

A character worksheet can help you figure out your characters’ personalities, histories, and perceptions. It can help you better understand their drives and motivations.

Getting to know each character in depth can help you present them as a distinct individual.

This worksheet provides questions to help you define a character’s history, and to picture their mannerisms and the way they communicate. It delves into the way that they think and perceive themselves, and how they would handle certain sticky situations. It also gives you space to reflect upon how your narrator perceives them.

At the end of the worksheet, there is space to include a timeline of events that can help you map out your character’s story arc.

You can download the character-development worksheet here. Be sure to check out the world-building worksheet as well.