Hi, I’m Tanya 👋🏻

Tanya Gold in front of a teal brick wall

I’m a book editor, French to English translator, educator, and literary omnivore.

I’ve been in publishing for over twenty years and love this industry to bits.

I work with authors and publishers, editing and translating SFF, horror, contemporary realism, literary fiction, memoir, poetry, interactive/game books, and graphic novels.

I support editors and writers one on one, teach editors business and the craft of editing, and teach writers the craft of writing and revision.

It’s been suggested that I read too much for my own good. This might be true.

What I Do

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Editing, Coaching & Courses for Creative Writers

I help authors develop their stories, prose, and writing skills.

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Coaching & Courses for Editors

I help editors develop their editing skills and their businesses.

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Literary Translation

I bring new French stories to English readers.