About Me

Tanya Gold wearing a T-shirt with a book cart on it that reads "This is how I roll"

Hi! It’s nice to see you here!

I’m Tanya (they/them), and I love stories so much I’ve pretty much built my life around them.

I’ve been in publishing for over twenty years. I spent twelve of those years working in-house for publishers, getting an MA in Creative Writing along the way, before I decided to start my own business.

And these years since that decision have been the best of my career. Running my own business has given me the opportunity to use all my industry knowledge and to pursue the many things that light up my brain.

I love that I get to work directly with authors, helping them make their stories even better, helping them improve their writing skills, helping them shape the stories they want to tell.

I love that I get to use two of the languages I grew up with and that live in my brain by translating stories from French to English, using my knowledge of language, culture, and publishing trends to bring stories to new audiences.

I love that I get to support other editors, helping them improve their editing skills, and helping them make their businesses work better for them.

And I love that part of my job is to spend a good part of each day with my nose in a book.

When I’m not working from my Boston home, I’m likely out for a #StetWalk around my neighborhood, volunteering for the LGBTQ+ Editors Association, poking around local indie bookstores and museums, going to readings, chatting with others about the industry, teaching at Emerson College’s MFA in Popular Fiction, or out exploring the world.