Courses for Writers

Courses for writers are in development and coming soon!

They’re all packed with information and exercises to help you get where you want to go. And they all feature my trusty editorial assistants. 🦖🦕

Want one-on-one help with your novel, memoir, or poetry collection?

The DIY Developmental Edit

Gain perspective on your story. Find ways to make it even stronger. 

In this workshop, you’ll learn to use tools and strategies developmental editors use to help you gain perspective on your manuscript, analyze what you’ve created, figure out how to make it stronger, and create a plan to help you approach your story revisions systematically.

This workshop is for fiction writers who have a complete draft of their story, who know how fiction works and want help applying what they know to their manuscript.

Coming in 2024!

Other Courses and Workshops Coming Soon

I’ve got a bunch of short workshops and a few longer courses in development. Watch this space! Or just click on that subscribe button ⬇

My Editorial Assistants

I have a bunch of buddies who help me keep things running around here. One of the many things they do is help me illustrate ideas and concepts in my courses. Want to get to know them better? Take a course, get my newsletter, or track me down on social media!

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Scholarship Available

A needs-based scholarship will be available for writers from marginalized groups who cannot afford the full price. 

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