Technical Editing

Would you like to have someone format your dissertation, or a final set of eyes on your paper before you submit it for publication? Do you want someone to make sure your guidance can be clearly interpreted?

I have experience working with publishers, academics, NGOs and non-profits on:

  • Education
  • Environment and climate
  • Public policy
  • Occupational safety and health
  • Health and medicine
  • Business guidance and regulation

Send me a message and tell me about your project!

Amy SterndaleIf you are looking to hire an editor, you already know that good editors are born not made. Tanya has the eye that we needed. She asks the right questions, knows when to dig deeper and ask the blunt questions, and when to focus on the big picture. She is professional, highly skilled, and organized. That she is fast and funny were just bonuses.

— Amy K.S. Sterndale, Communications Director, The Carsey School of Public Policy

Chunyang SongI am very glad that I had Tanya Gold to help me with copy-editing my Ph.D thesis. She is highly experienced and efficient at editing large documents, and has helped improving the prose in my thesis tremendously. I was extremely impressed by how thorough her consistency checks were and how clear she made the whole process for me. I was also happy that she always made sure the changes or decisions to be made were confirmed with me; always talking it through with me when I had difficulty making a decision. In addition to the good quality of her work, she also has a very cheerful personality that made it enjoyable and easy for me to talk to and work with her. In short, I would highly recommend Tanya as a professional copy-editor.

— Chunyang Song, PhD Student

David GoldTanya has worked with me on numerous occasions as an editor working on safety and health related documents such as competencies, directives and guidance documents. Tanya’s work has always been of the highest quality with a keen attention to detail and an enthusiastic approach to assuring that the style and meaning of a document is consistent and in line with the philosophy of the source organization. Tanya also is bilingual and can quickly capture the sense and meaning of a passage translating it from French to English. I have no hesitation in recommending Tanya as a freelance editor and translator.

— David Gold, Managing Director, Gold-Knecht Associates