Live Talks and Workshops

Are you looking for a panelist or speaker for your writing conference or a guest speaker for your class? I enjoy speaking about writing, editing, and the publishing industry.

At the Hollihock Writers Conference
At the Hollihock Writers Conference

I have given talks and workshops at:

  • Universities
  • Writers conferences, groups, festivals, and associations
  • Publishing conferences, expos, and associations
  • Sci-fi and fantasy conventions
  • Editor conferences and associations

I give talks and workshops on a variety of topics, including:

  • Revision Tips and Tricks: Self-Editing for Writers
  • Using a Scene Grid to Help Guide Revision in Fiction and Memoir
  • World Building in Speculative Fiction
  • From Collection to Manuscript: Finding Theme and Continuity
  • Five Minute Critiques: Instant Feedback for Creative Writers
  • Working with an Editor
  • Building and Developing an Editing Business
  • Developmental Editing of Fiction and Creative Nonfiction
  • The Publishing Process: Understanding Workflows and Priorities
  • Working with Independent Authors

Are you interested in having me come give any of these talks? Do you have another topic you’d like me to cover? Great! Let’s chat!

Are longer interactive courses more your style? Check out my upcoming online courses.

2021 Talks

Want to come hear me talk? Here’s where I’ll be in 2021.

Professional Editors Network, January 13, Online

  • Panel: Breaking into Developmental Editing

Arisia, January 15–18, Online

  • Panel: Working with Sensitivity Readers

Editors Canada’s Editors 21, June 12–13, Online

  • Panel: Editing Poetry
  • Panel: Beyond Editing: A Conversation about Coaching Writers
  • Panel: Adventures in Editing Self-Published Authors

Editorial Freelancers Association, San Francisco Chapter, July 13, Online

  • Working with Indie Authors

2020 Talks

Arisia, January 17–20, Boston, MA

  • Panel: Let’s Write Together: Collaborative Fiction Writing
  • Panel: Get Rec’d! Books for Aspiring Writers

Women’s National Book Association, April 22, Online

  • Exploring the Author–Editor Relationship

Hollihock Writers Conference, October 2325, Online

  • Panel: Working with an Editor

2019 Talks

Arisia, January 18–21, Boston, MA

  • Panel: Scaffolding: Writing Started Strong
  • Panel: Blocked: What to Do When the Words Stop

The Editorial Freelancers Association, March 7, Online

ACES: The Society for Editing, March 28–30, Providence, RI

  • Developmental Editing of Fiction and Creative Nonfiction
  • Coaching Writers

The Editorial Freelancers Association, June 27, Online

  • Developmental Editing of Fiction: Strategies for Stepping Back to See the Big Picture

Hollihock Writers Conference, August 23–25, New Bedford, MA

  • Live Critiques
  • Panel: Writing YA

The Kansas Book Festival, September 14, Topeka, KS

  • Panel: Working with an Editor

Red Pencil, September 21, Seattle, WA

  • Working with Independent Authors

Independent Publishers of New England Conference, November 2, Marlborough, MA

  • Live Critiques

The Editorial Freelancers Association, Central Massachusetts Chapter, November 19, Worcester, MA

  • Working with Independent Authors

Bookbuilders of Boston, November 21, Boston MA

  • Can You Take a Quick Look at This? A Panel on Freelance Editing