Poetry Critique and Workshopping

Looking for someone who can help you push your work further while cheering you on and supporting you? You’re in the right place.

I work with poets sharing their personal experiences and those who have imagined other worlds. I have a special place in my heart for LGBTQIA+ poetry, multicultural explorations, and retellings. I work on collections of free-verse poetry, novels and memoirs in verse, and multimedia projects.

(For assistance with a novel or memoir in verse, check out my services for fiction and memoir.)

I’m here to support you and help you amplify your vision.

What can I help you with?

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Your Collection

Get help defining and shaping your collection of poetry into a manuscript.

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Your Verse

Get feedback to help you amplify the impact of your poems.

Don’t know what you’re looking for or what you need? Want something custom? Email me and we can figure it out together!

An open book with sparkles

Help with Your Collection

Want help creating a cohesive and continuous manuscript? I can help you shape and further define your collection, giving you feedback on content and story, structure, continuity of style and expression, illustrations, and how everything works together to deliver the experience you want to share with your readers.

Manuscript Critiques

An open book with sparkles

Get help defining and shaping your manuscript.

With a manuscript critique, I read your entire collection analytically and provide you with a report that takes into consideration how your poems work together to shape the book you want to create and the experience you want your reader to have. My critiques will tell you what works, why it works, and what needs more work and why.

You’ll also get an hour of my time after you get the critique to either discuss my suggestions or workshop them.

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Help with Your Verse

Looking to push your poems further? I can give you feedback to help you make your work even stronger through workshopping.


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Amplify the impact of your poems.

In workshopping, I give you feedback on how your poem conveys the experience you want to deliver and how to amplify that experience for your reader. We look at your distinct style and voice, your language use, your structure and visual design, your use of literary devices, and the emotive experiences you are creating.

We can workshop live by video chat, or asynchronously with feedback in writing.

What Others Have to Say

If you are looking to take your work to the next level you didn’t know was there, then look no further. Tanya has a knack for getting absorbed in your words, understanding the intent behind them, and glimpsing where they could go. Their unyielding honesty begs for your openness, which lends to unfolding the power within your work. They offer pointed suggestions and necessary probes to help expand your writing ability and the content you create. Amongst all this, they genuinely connect with you and root for your success. Tanya, the literary omnivore, is an editor to their core and you would do well to trust them with your work.
My book is immeasurably better because of Tanya.
anya is detailed oriented, and their exercises helped me tremendously in improving my poetry. Their expert questions helped me create a strong manuscript. Tanya makes a tedious project fun, and really draws your best efforts. Lots of energy, and prompt responses to any questions I had during the project. I am very happy with the results.
Robert LeonardR. Tirrell Leonard Jr., Poet