My Course-Creation Checklist

One request that comes up often in my Creating Courses Discord group is for a list of steps to follow to create a course.

There are so many different and valid ways to approach developing courses. Here are the basic steps I go through when I’m building a course.

Content Creation

  • Define the topic
  • Define the audience
  • List learning objectives/intended outcomes
  • Define why this topic is important/relevant to this audience
  • Write what I know about the topic / repurpose what I’ve already written
  • Research what I don’t know, then write that up
  • Break the content up into modules and short lessons
  • If it needs to fit within a certain format, like number of lessons or modules, look into expanding or narrowing the content
  • Develop exercises to cement ideas or help people explore the concepts
  • Come up with ideas for dinosaur photos for each lesson
  • Write course description

Content Production

Toy dinosaurs holding signs: "Hi," "Hello," and "How's it going?"
  • Create graphics for complex topics
  • Shoot dinosaur photo illustrations to break up text (they say hi 👋🏻)
  • Edit photos
  • Record welcome and thanks, bye videos
  • Create PowerPoint for each lesson using graphics, photos, and text *
  • Record audio in PowerPoint for each lesson and export as mp4 *
  • Upload videos to Descript to edit, create captions, and transcripts
  • Create worksheets in Word
  • Export worksheets as PDF
  • Create website, newsletter, and social media graphics in Canva

* for courses with video lessons

Course Production

  • Set up new course in Podia
  • Upload sales page content
  • Upload images, videos, text, captions, transcripts, and worksheets to each lesson
  • Set the price and launch date
  • Check the course settings
  • Check the course functionality
  • Create coupon codes: newsletter launch, beta team, scholarships


  • Get beta users
  • Run the course in beta
  • Apply feedback from beta team
  • Get the course checked for typos and oversights
  • Apply changes


  • Share some stuff about the course-in-progress to networks
  • Add course description to website
  • Write and send launch, coupon-reminder, and scholarship reminder newsletters
  • Post about the course on social media
  • Ask networks to help spread the word


  • Select scholarship recipient(s)
  • Run the course (if instructor-led, if not, let it run itself)
  • Collect and upload testimonials to sales page

And that’s what I do to get a course off the ground. I’ll use a more granular checklist for a lot of these steps to help me stay on track and feel like I’m making quantifiable progress.

Want to join a community of people in publishing creating courses? I’ve got a Discord group you can join. Just shoot me an email and let me know what course(s) you’re thinking of developing.

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