Nicole C. Ayers sitting in a field of flowers

I knew Tanya was the right editor for me before we even began the official work of editing. The insightful questions she asked about my work in the get-to-know-me stage shifted my focus and made my manuscripts so much stronger. At every step of the editing process, she was a guiding angel, always offering genuine encouragement and support, even as she asked me to dig deeper and work harder. My writing was safe in her talented, creative hands, as was I.

— Nicole Ayers, Author, Love Letters to My Body, Love Notes to My Body

Jessica Zahn

If you are looking to take your work to the next level you didn’t know was there, then look no further. Tanya has a knack for getting absorbed in your words, understanding the intent behind them, and glimpsing where they could go. Her unyielding honesty begs for your openness, which lends to unfolding the power within your work. She offers pointed suggestions and necessary probes to help expand your writing ability and the content you create. Amongst all this, she genuinely connects with you and roots for your success. Tanya, the literary omnivore, is an editor to her core and you would do well to trust her with your work.

— Jessica Zahn, Poet

Erin CallahanTanya has spot-on editorial instincts and I was lucky enough to work with her on a manuscript that ultimately became my debut novel. She immediately understood what I was trying to accomplish with the story, and set me on the path toward reaching those goals. She presents her feedback in a clear and easily-digestible format that is detailed but not overwhelming, and lets you know what’s working and what can be improved. With her help, I was able to see the timeline and pacing of the book in a new light.

— Erin Callahan, Author, The Art of Escaping

Michael SolisWorking with Tanya has been an absolute pleasure. She is a stellar person and editor who provides spot-on feedback, excellent suggestions for strengthening one’s writing, and even positive commentary to help keep a writer motivated. My work is now more streamlined, and the pacing is exactly where I want it to be. I’ve also learned a lot about my writing style and feel that by working with Tanya I am now a stronger writer. I would love to work with Tanya again on future manuscripts, and I would recommend her to anyone who wants to bring their work to the next level.

— Michael Solis, Author

Katie Li

Tanya has worked with me as an editor on individual projects, project manager on a co-written novel, and coach as I launched my career as an indie author. She is incredibly thoughtful, and pays close attention to the needs of her clients. Her insight and encouragement has offered valuable guidance as I set goals for my first year in business. She applies this same careful and skilled eye to her work as a developmental editor, finding the story within a draft and knowing the exact comment that will help the writer elevate their work to a polished final product. Tanya’s diverse range of knowledge and experience has provided me with guidance on projects ranging from personal essays about bereavement and multi-cultural issues to a full-length sci-fi manuscript. She has become a trusted colleague and resource in my work, and I highly recommend her services!

— Katie Li, Author, Somewhere in Between

Jessica Critcher

A friend introduced me to Tanya at a networking event and we met for coffee to discuss the possibility of some developmental edits on my novel. She asked thoughtful, careful questions about my work, many things I hadn’t even considered myself, and I knew before I had even finished my latte that I wanted to work with her.

She listened to me and asked bigger picture questions about my novel throughout the editing process. Her edits and suggestions were not merely how she thought my book should sound, but how to bring my voice out to its full potential and tell the story my way. She didn’t just tell me what to do, either. She helped me look inside myself and grapple with what the book needed, always ready with the perfect mix of task-master and hand-holder.

It is a terrifying thing to trust someone with unfinished writing. But with Tanya, I know my work is in caring, capable hands.

— Jessica Critcher, Writer, Feminist, Organizer

Jenny Bravo

Working with Tanya Gold was one of the best decisions I’ve made for my writing career. She goes beyond the scope of editor, taking on roles like cheerleader and confidante, answering any and all questions. As a first time self-published writer, she helped me organize my book launch schedule and worked with me to shape my book into its best.

Tanya is someone you want in your corner. I plan to work with her on future projects and am so thankful to have found such a great publishing partner.

— Jenny Bravo, Author, These Are the Moments, Moments Like These, Those Were the Days, That Was the Year

Marna Larsen

Finding the right person to be truly supportive of and invested in your book is often just as difficult as writing it. Tanya has been amazing throughout the ‘Okay, I’ve written it — now what?’ stage of my own creative process. Her honest feedback and practical suggestions have been invaluable in taking my plot, characters and setting to the next level and her enthusiasm has really helped breathe new life into my work. It’s been an absolute delight working with her.

— Marna Larsen, Author

Nicole Feller

Tanya has been such a pleasure to work with. She’s like a friend cheering you on rather than some stranger combing through your work with a red pen. It’s not always easy handing your work over to be polished, but Tanya makes it so comfortable and even fun. I’m so happy to have found her. She has not only helped me make a better book, she has taught me so much that I will be able to apply to future books.

— Nicole Feller, Author, Paper Walls

Josh Bresslin

Tanya is amazing. As a line editor, she was able to take my prose and turn a slow narrative into a punchy tale that still kept the core descriptions, but improved the flow and pacing better than I thought my story could be. But what makes her special is that she outlines exactly why she’s making her corrections. There’s no part of the process where I felt I had to guess as to why she cut a line or why she made an adjustment, which is exactly what I was looking for in an editor.

— Josh Bresslin, Writer

Katherine Silva

Tanya offers insightful tips, breaks edits and revision notes down for you to understand, and is a wealth of knowledge on so many different topics. She does her research, takes the time to let you know where your strengths and weaknesses are and is always upbeat, quick-witted, and fun to talk to.
And I recommend her editing services above all others I know!

— Katherine Silva, Author

Alison Oatman

I had been working on my novel for so long that I couldn’t see the forest for the trees. Tanya gently took charge, immersed herself in the manuscript and surfaced with a compelling plan to make the book work. Without Tanya, I would have continued chipping away at what I had been doing for years. She provided me with a vision of the big picture.

Alison Oatman, Author

Maria Kamoulakou

Tanya is the best developmental editor an author could ask for. She works with passion and enthusiasm, and has an excellent command of the English language. She has a talent for immersing herself into the story and identifying with the characters. Her careful coaching helped me expand and unfold my story, while keeping the satisfaction that it was still my work. Needless to say that Tanya makes sure to give you ample encouragement along the way and rewards you with numerous positive comments. She is fun to work with and her enthusiasm (which is contagious) made me work harder and strive to live up to her expectations.

— Maria Kamoulakou, Author

Heather Aili

Working with Tanya on my young adult fiction novel has been a wonderful experience. She was always professional, prompt in responding to any questions I had, and never ceased to go the extra mile in being helpful. Her enthusiasm from the start was exactly what I was looking for in an editor—someone who is not only an expert in writing and editing, but someone who genuinely loves their job.

As a new author, I knew I had a lot to learn throughout the editing process, and Tanya was the perfect match to help me grow in my writing skills, as well as launch my manuscript to the next level. Her comments, suggestions, and coaching throughout my manuscript really helped me to see where my characters, fictional world, and plot lines needed to be strengthened, when I could not see so myself. Her expertise in developmental editing is why my manuscript has grown to be more than just a story I wrote, but one that readers will feel is worth their time. I do not hesitate to recommend Tanya Gold as an expert, professional, and fun editor to work with. She has won my loyalty for future projects.

— Heather Aili, Author

Ava Cummings

Tanya is an absolute pro and a joy to work with, as well. Like a scientist of words, she keenly identified exactly what my manuscript needed. Her notes and comments were spot on and took my book to the next level. As a former editor myself, I was so impressed with both her ability and approach, and I look forward to working with her again!”

— Ava Cummings, Author, Sweet Muse

Tom Clasby

As a novice author with a story I had developed on my own, I knew that I needed a skilled, honest and insightful editor to guide me in choosing which material to develop further, and what to prune away. Tanya helped me turn the advanced draft that I brought to her into a disciplined and readable finished product. Her analysis helped me find the core themes of my work, and keep the focus there — or go back to work and try harder at bringing my tangents into some useful role.

The happy part — which I didn’t expect — was that from her observations I discovered new things about a story I thought I already knew. It was wonderful to see my story mature as much as it did, and it simply would not have come so far without Tanya’s thoughtful advice and encouragement.

— Tom Clasby, Author, Sullivan’s Corner: The Last Years of the Farm

C.G. McGinn

Tanya’s enthusiasm was what made me decide to go with her as my editor. She took the time to really become invested in the story and its characters. Her suggestions helped punch-up the narrative and really brought out the story’s voice. She asked questions that would have been overlooked by someone not as detail oriented. She really got into the story and made it better. I look forward to working with her on future projects.

— C.G. McGinn, Author

Tanya is more than an editor. Tanya digested and examined the work’s primary theme. She helped me amplify my message—my voice—in a manner I had not thought possible. With Tanya’s editing and structural suggestions the book is now included in the personal libraries of two former United States Presidents as well as the libraries of multiple military, legal and Congressional leaders.

In a nutshell, Tanya makes writers out of story-tellers.

— Beasley Kinkade, Author, A Piece of Me

Kiarna Boyd

Tanya went to great lengths to learn my language preferences and writing style. She bridged the text as an advocate for the reader’s experience while always remaining my dedicated ally. I found Tanya’s style of critique to be one of curiosity and she never assumed anything about my word choices or style. Her attention to detail and finesse enhanced my ability to communicate my ideas to my readers. It was amazing to have her come back with insights and delightful questions about my word usage. Together we worked through finding just the right nuances to bring my desired meaning into focus. I began to look forward to talking to her more and more as she went through the text.

— Kiarna Boyd, Author, Blessed and Cursed Alike

Ashley Norris

Tanya Gold is a truly talented developmental editor. She worked with me on my young adult fiction manuscript. Tanya helped me bring my story and my writing to the next level. She asked the right questions and encouraged me to think deeply about the reader’s perspective. As a writer, it can be difficult to remove yourself from the story and identify potential pitfalls. Tanya called my attention to a number of logistical issues that I had overlooked in my countless rounds of self-editing.

Tanya also helped me flesh out my main character. My previously two-dimensional protagonist is now fully formed and relatable. Tanya also helped me weed out distracting details and pinpoint confusing passages.

Working with Tanya was a pleasure. I was extremely pleased with her expertise, but I also appreciated her passion and enthusiasm for my project. Additionally, Tanya was accommodating, eager to answer my questions, and our interactions were always pleasant. Bottom line: I will gladly trust Tanya to edit my work in the future.

— Ashley Norris, Young Adult Fiction Writer

I worked with Tanya on a flash fiction project. As a developmental editor, she asked excellent questions about the scope and focus of the project. Her notes and insights were incredibly helpful. Her positive disposition was refreshing, and her can-do attitude gave this novice fiction writer a much-needed boost. I had a splendid time working with her.

— Archana Murthy, Writer, Publishing Consultant

Charlotte Pierce

Tanya Gold is a gifted book editor who approaches her craft as a calling. She’s not simply repurposing a writing talent, or editing on the side; editing comprises her whole professional effort. Tanya’s work with our new children’s reader series revealed her versatility, creativity, and empathy for the author’s intent. She gave concise, clear suggestions that were easy for the author to implement and greatly improved the books. She delivered the manuscript ahead of time and exceeded our expectations. Tanya Gold is our go-to book editor at Pierce Press now.

— Charlotte Pierce, Publisher, Pierce Press

Stephanie Jandreau

I thoroughly enjoy working with Tanya as my editor and writing coach! She is personable, insightful and easy-going, which makes the challenging process of editing my manuscript less daunting. Her attention to detail is unsurpassed, picking up on the slightest inconsistencies in my writing. She gives lots of great feedback during the project. After just reading a couple chapters she had edited, I knew I had hired the best person for the job.

— Stephanie Jandreau, Author, Amethyst

Shara Puglisi Katsos

Tanya provided her editing expertise for my two recently published children’s books in the Doggie Investigation Gang, DIG series. My experience with Tanya on both projects was exceptional! With her positive style, she provided her feedback in a very timely, creative and professional manner. Collaborating with Tanya was a joy and I would definitely plan to do so again for future projects.

— Shara Puglisi Katsos, Author, The Doggie Investigation Gang

Amy Sterndale

If you are looking to hire an editor, you already know that good editors are born not made. Tanya has the eye that we needed. She asks the right questions, knows when to dig deeper and ask the blunt questions, and when to focus on the big picture. She is professional, highly skilled, and organized. That she is fast and funny were just bonuses.

— Amy K.S. Sterndale, Communications Director, The Carsey School of Public Policy

Eric Fritz

Working with Tanya was a great experience. I had her edit one of my speculative fiction stories before I submitted it to a literary magazine. She was professional, easy to communicate with, and she provided excellent feedback on spelling, grammar as well as on larger plot points. Her feedback has helped me make my writing more vibrant and realistic, and bring out the ideas I want my story to get across.

— Eric Fritz, Speculative Fiction Writer

Chunyang Song

I am very glad that I had Tanya Gold to help me with copy-editing my Ph.D thesis. She is highly experienced and efficient at editing large documents, and has helped improving the prose in my thesis tremendously. I was extremely impressed by how thorough her consistency checks were and how clear she made the whole process for me. I was also happy that she always made sure the changes or decisions to be made were confirmed with me; always talking it through with me when I had difficulty making a decision. In addition to the good quality of her work, she also has a very cheerful personality that made it enjoyable and easy for me to talk to and work with her. In short, I would highly recommend Tanya as a professional copy-editor.

— Chunyang Song, PhD Student


Tanya is detailed oriented, and her exercises helped me tremendously in improving my poetry. Her expert questions helped me create a strong manuscript. She makes a tedious project fun, and really draws your best efforts. Lots of energy, and prompt responses to any questions I had during the project. I am very happy with the results.

— R. Tirrell Leonard Jr., Poet

Jason Charles Picard

Tanya is detail oriented and will deliver a fast turnaround. She has done editing for me on a number of projects, from website copy, reports and letters, to my resume. Her suggestions have helped me land jobs and win clients.

Tanya’s is one number that will never leave my rolodex.

— Jason Charles Picard, Photographer